Wednesday, October 19, 2016

First Post: Self, Society and Cosmos

One of the projects for Self, Society and Cosmos class is to start this blog and share my thoughts and views on what we have learned so far in class. We are eight weeks in, in this term and we have gone over several interesting subjects that I found amazing.

Some topics that stood out were:
The Divided Brain - I will never forget the story that Jill Bolte shared about an episode in her life where she got to study her own brain from the inside out while having a stroke. Her speech and the story were captivating and the episode was very interesting. The brain is a fascinating part of our body and I find it very intriguing.

Religion - Although we didn't exactly study what we call religion, rather the need for humans to create order, I can't get over how stories of the past told by what people at the time thought to be prophets, developed into some of the largest world religion organizations. The book by Norman Cohn helped me step back and look at the big picture. The way believes developed through time to be what they are today. And how, I wonder, would it continue to evolve for future generations.

Upon reading Cosmos, Chaos and the World To Come by Norman Cohn, I was reminded about where I grew up and all I had learned about its history and how Maltese people tried to create order in the prehistoric times. On the island of Malta there are stone henges that were used as temples to offer sacrifices to gods. As a child, I hear a lot about the "fat lady" who was really the god of fertility. Those believes didn't change until Christianity had settled in other parts of Europe and St Paul himself shipwrecked on the island (Acts 27)

I cannot help ask myself, what would the world be like if humans never tried to create order through their stories? How important are these stories for the human race that lead us to believe in a high power that creates order? If they are just stories I could just dismiss them and realize, these are just some far fetched tales, made up by so called prophets. But they make a difference somehow. Its a contradiction to realize how humans need to create order by stories, that may or may not be true, actually does somehow work. So we as humans are conditioned to believe and be a part of the circle of evolving stories so deep that actually seem to keep order.

The more we read, the more I realize how we as humans have twisted and warped our views of ourselves and somehow we became too judgmental and humans are set apart in categories. Be it  through believes or race or sexuality. The world started out so much simpler and more open minded. We think we have developed and advanced but yet, did we really?


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