Project Description

Ancient Maltese Faith

In this project I am challenging myself to learn more about the ancient Maltese believes and perhaps try to connect or at least relate some aspects from their believes to any of the different apocalyptic faiths mentioned in Norman Cohn's book, Cosmos, Chaos and the World to Come.

I chose this project idea because while reading the book during our course, Self Society and Cosmos, I was reminded of Maltese Prehistoric Faith and believes. The ancient people of Malta built Megalithic temples that still stand and are some of the oldest man made structures in the world today. I personally grew up on the tiny island of Malta and have seen these prehistoric temples. In school when I was young, we were thought about what knowledge archaeologists gained so far from the remains found on the sites and what they knew about the faith of the people during that age.

So far I know that like the Vedic Indians, Maltese also built temples and offered animal and possibly human sacrifices to their gods in their temples. I am familiar with the goddess of fertility, also known as the fat lady as being one of the gods that sacrifices were made to. I would like to further my knowledge on what if any other believes or stories the Maltese may have had that helped to keep order within the cosmos. I also want to find out more about what similarities exist between the Maltese ancient faith and any other kingdom of the eastern world.

My project exists within historical, archaeological and religious studies context.

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